Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tired of being treated like *@%$ and a little bit TMI

Okay so the title of this is exactly what I wanted to say and then I got side tracked... had time to think and decided that due to the people who read this... I will not be posting the TMI right now. BUT, I am so tired of being treated like S%$^ that it isn't even funny. People who call themselves "professionals" or "Representatives" or "receptionists". Who in the world brought you up to speak to people in such a manor? I know for a fact that my mother would be appalled if she caught me "spitting vinegar" or throwing a fit when told to refund the money that was over charged, or you calling a woman "fertile mertal" during an exam... the list goes on and on. Well, this week a number of people have "gotten themselves in a bit of a bind" from the way they have treated me. (I have no doubt in my mind that I am not the only one enduring this... BUT I have chosen to speak up. Never thought that would happen did ya!) If you don't like your job or you don't like people in general, then find something else to do. Spending your day making people look like an ass (yes, yesterday a seemingly lovely young lady made me look like a total ass in front of many other women and IT WAS NOT EVEN MY MISTAKE... I WAS RIGHT but of course, none of the rest of the people know that). Well ya know what! I had had enough and I went on a rampage.
From my perspective, it does not matter how many kids a person has or does not have, how young or old, their looks, their convictions everyone deserves to be treated with "compassion and mercy, from me to you and you to me...exactly how it oughta be..." (*a quote from the vegi tales movie Jonah...ask my son H how we treat people and he will tell you with compassion and mercy). Please, for one moment take a deep breath before you speak and "spit vinegar" and remember how you would like to be treated. Take it from me, being treated like s*&% really bites.
I am over it now, can you tell. NO, really I am. I actually aside from that incident yesterday had an amazing day. A huge weight was lifted from my shoulders... that would have been the TMI but for now... just know that today (as always) we are giving Him glory...great things He has done.
Happy day to all of you.


Christy O said...

Sorry you had a crummy time of it. People can be horrible. And I would have to say that we have become the "bug under the microscope" as we have gone on to have more children. I don't know why it seems to threaten people so much, but it does. We are only up to five now, that isn't like , twenty??? But we so want more. We made a mistake after the birth of our youngest bio child, dh had a vasectomy, and following much heart searching and a total change of mindset for both of us, well, it has now been reversed. Will there be more? I don't know. But we are certainly open for it. And people already look at us like we are freaks. Oh, well, their loss. Life moves on. But now we drive the big van - it makes life so much easier, but also raises lots of eyebrows. Oh, well.
Talk to you soon, keep in touch (oh, yeah, I have a blog too, finally,
Hang in there, the cream will rise to the top!
Christy in Tisch Mills
Mom to the tribe of five

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that you were treated the way you were. I am praying for you.

Fellow Momys,
Cristal in Florida