Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Tuesday to you all!

Wow it has been a really long week. Jeremy got "sick" last Tuesday and was on the couch all week (I will spare you all the details and sum it up in seven words: emergency room, abscess, antibiotics, vicatin, "packed", PAIN!). He is okay now and back to work as usual. A dear friend and his family lost their 18 year old Justin to a car accident. We spent many hours taking care of that this weekend. We are praying for all of you. We love you! D and L spent those days at my parents house. Saturday we got all of the kids back... like my girlfriend said "couldn't you all bring them back one by one to acclimate me!" I wish. H and W have "Coppertone bottoms" from spending the week in the bay. D is doing great with the "cold turkey potty training" only a hand full of accidents. No complaints here! I have exactly two weeks until I send my two oldest off to school! I CAN NOT WAIT! I love to watch them learn. The things that they are able to comprehend is amazing. Having them gone all day really is good for all of us ; ) Next goal, get L potty trained too. Her diapers are pricey and I would love to be done with that purchase. Had an "interview" last night with an awesome couple. (the kids were really disappointed, they knew that a family was coming over about babysitting so they were all excited to "play with the kids"...) Their baby is due in five weeks and they want me to watch her when they go back to work. I am so excited. Okay, so that has been the past week. This week is just for cleaning house and getting the kids back on a decent sleeping schedule. Did I mention... TWO MORE WEEKS THAT IS IT, TWO MORE WEEKS... IF I COULD SING, THERE WOULD BE A SONG BELTED OUT!
Happy day,

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