Friday, August 22, 2008

Off to the Farm!

On a wim I called my kids to the back door (I will paint a quick picture... 8:30am all four in the sandbox and had been for an hour already, H and W had dressed was a little damp so everyone was "wearing" the sand...nothing new here just thought I would share) and asked if they would like to go to the Farm. They shouted "yes! To Robyn's Farm!?!" (Robyn is our good friend who has always gone to the Farm with us and her mom lives close to the Farm so she always met us there also. My boys know it no other way... it isn't really Robyn's farm unless you ask my boys. D and L had never been there but were equally excited). We got cleaned up (I dawned a bra...) made a few pbj's and off we went. All by our selves with the single stroller (I know, what was I thinking).
L feeding the "doats"
D found the tractor right away

W loved the "tats"
pretty proud!
Three in the lime kiln
D came running "me found Auntie Mary, mom come and tate a picture"! He and L had "found Auntie Mary" Just to clarify, she has the most amazing maroon/red colored hair, well, so does this cow.
As to not discriminate... at the very end D shouted "me found Uncle Teth (seth)" he was sure the horse on the right (in the shadows) was him... No idea why, with the red haired cow I got it but the horse? Seth, is there something we don't know?
W feeding the "doats"
L with the kitten
H feeding the goat
the last time we went H carried around a goat, that was three years ago ( I was pregnant with D) I am searching for that photo... we reenacted it!
H too loved the kittens
We really had a nice time. Only once did I "need" my double stroller when D was riding and L needed a lift. He was gracious enough to let L sit on his lap and ride along. If you are ever in Northeast Wisconsin you should take the short drive to Door County and check it out. And heck, give us a call we would love to join you there! Just think, you could milk a mama"doat"!
Happy day to you all.

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