Friday, February 27, 2009

A not so good "first"

I have always prided myself in being able to "take my kids anywhere" and they behave. They don't beg for things and they are polite. They stick close and they ask permission to look at and touch things. As a reward we look at toys when we are at the appropriate stores to do so, and some places I even buy a string cheese at the end of the store if they have been good. I have never had to take my kids out of store and leave without what I needed because of their behavior before... UNTIL TODAY! I am still angry about it. And, it wasn't a tantrum from a little it was my two "big" boys running through racks of clothing, running around the store, acting like complete and total fools. To top it all off, the store was full. A local tv station was there (I think they were doing a segment on saving money... it was a consignment shop). He did not have his camera rolling. THANK THE LORD. I can say, that I was able to keep my cool and calmly tell the kids that we needed to go and I walked them all out. Then... I lost it. Honestly I am surprised I have a voice left. They were wonderful in the store before and the library. It was a sad moment for me today. I have faith that they will do better next time. And the next time I need to go to that store, I will go BY MYSELF!
I have to give a "shout out to Kohls". We bought H a pair of new balance tennis shoes in January, wouldn't ya know his feet grew again! And the other day he pointed out that a seam ripped. His foot was completely exposed. They are good quality shoes, we have never had this happen. So, armed with my receipt I took them (him too, he was wearing them, they only have one pair of shoes each) and asked the wonderful lady at the desk. She said as long as it was an even $$ exchange (it didn't matter brand) he could have a new pair of shoes. Well we got them and he no longer has a hole in his shoe. Most other stores would have told me we were out of luck because he had worn them. Not Kohls, they were happy to give him a different pair. Thank you, for saving us money.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So many reminders... and a prayer request

I received an email yesterday titled "four weeks to go". Obviously I had forgotten to "cancel" the pregnancy off of their counter. It seems hard to believe that eight months ago God showed us who's boss... again. We know of two other people who are due when we were supposed to be... four weeks from now. We pray that you are doing well.
I have a favor to ask. Our dear friends found out recently that a medication she (a wife and mother of two) was taking for her skin condition is killing people. She has all of the "symptoms to watch for" but has to wait for a CT scan. Jeremy (he is a co-worker) told him that we would pray for them. BUT, if you wouldn't mind, lets storm the gates of Heaven with a little prayer for Dede and her family. May God's healing hand be upon her and HIS will be done.
Thank you, as I get more information I will update.

*Wordless Wednesday*well sort of!

He came to ask me a question with his shirt like this. I told him I would answer him only if I could take his picture!

She traded her pants for other peoples socks. (yes, that is my huge pile of laundry, no it isn't as bad as it looks)

I chased her down the hall for this photo. (no my floor isn't dirty, it is just that bad. Someday it will be replaced)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Giving credit where credit is due!

I told you about the shirt that I won for L and they sent me two bows. and in that post I thanked Tori (because that was who I corresponded with) well Allison also from Monkey Stitch makes the hairbows. They are sturdy and they stay in very nice. L wears hers often.
Sorry Allison for not thanking you in the first place. I appreciate you brining it to my attention!
Thanks again for the shirt and hairbows... she is such a cutie pie in them.
Happy day.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Words for your Wednesday

Please take a moment and read this article. Noah Weimer is my little brother and is back in the states after 400+ combat hours.

Monday, February 16, 2009

My valentine!

I am loved. Jeremy got me a hot cocoa and an apple fritter for valentines day. He really knows what I like! I wanted to share with you my roses. Aren't the beautiful?! I actually bought them for myself. You see, I had to run to Aldis. (texas toast garlic bread... if you have priced it and tried it, you know what I mean). Well, these flowers were 6 roses (and babies breath) for $.99, can you believe it? I took these photos this morning. They still look amazing. I spent $2 on this lovely boquette. REALLY though, he did not buy my flowers because we don't do that. They get me a hanging basket for Mother's Day and then we also buy flowers for the yard. He did the right thing. They make me smile.
Counting our blessings that everyone is still healthy at our house. We really had a nice time on Saturday. Thank you for making dinner Auntie Mary. Love you!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday folders!

So, every Tuesday every family in the grade school gets a folder sent home with the weekly news. So what you say? big deal? Well, someone has to put them together... The kids and I arrive every other Tuesday at 8:10am to help with them. This was our morning so we did our usual. EXCEPT when I arrived the lovely lady who is in charge greets me with a "I can't stay my son is sick" (mind you he is standing next to her... fever, sore throat, ect.) I tell her to go, I can handle it (we have not had any one sick, remember). Well, thirty minutes later the principal (awesome guy) wanders in to his surprise I WAS ALONE! Not a single other parent volunteer showed up this morning to help. I was doing just fine but it was looking like I would be there until next Sunday when a few ladies who work in the schools work room wandered in to help! Needless to say, with a little extra help we were able to get done (and it is still Tuesday!). Greatful for the help (and now not a single one of them can say they have never done it before!)At least I didn't have my sweet extra too... that would have just made my day!
We survived, and everyone is still healthy. Soak and wet, but healthy. Currently 47degrees you can just imagine what my children looked like after just seven minutes outside. SOGGY!

D, L and our sweet extra!

Monday, February 9, 2009

A break for sunshine!

Took a bit of a break from the computer this weekend. With temps in the 40's (we were having a "heat wave"...) we spent most of the time outside. L found the rocket rider and the slide. D ate snow like he always does. W built a snowman and laid around in the puddles. H built and demolished a snowman, dug around and he too laid around in the puddles. There is something about water and children that if it is there, they are soaked! Jeremy vacuumed, washed, waxed and detailed his car. I supervised, pushed L on the rocket rider, and rung out mittens! Soaking up the sunshine felt so good. Have you noticed that it is lighter in the morning too. Usually we have to have the light on shortly before 7am for our sweet extra. Lately, it has been light out!! Oh happy day, the days are getting longer!
Got work to do. Many pictures to post this week. Including one of D, L and our sweet extra!
Happy day.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

So, every Wednesday we take our boys to Cross Training and we attend Bible study. The series right now is angels and demons. It is packed full of scripture and people. If you would like to hear the studies here it the link (pastor records them... which is nice because I had to "man" the daycare last week and missed it...),com_wrapper/Itemid,130/

A question that had been on my mind was "what happens to unborn babies... whether they be miscarried, still born, aborted... whatever the case may be". Children are born sinful and need to be baptized. But what happens to those who don't make it. Pastor briefly (because it was after class) talked about it but then directed me to this same question which he answered on the church website.
It really helped me to understand a little bit better. There are many other topics also, but that was on my mind and my heart.

Home today with Jeremy (IT NEEDS TO WARM UP... AND FAST!). Truly we are blessed with a healthy house (other than a couple of adult head colds...). All of our children have been totally healthy this fall and winter season.
Happy day!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Warning Labels... Here are some real, absolutely true, label instructions on consumer goods.
* On Sears hairdryer: "Do not use while sleeping."
* On a bag of Fritos: "You could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details inside."
* On a bar of Dial soap: "Directions: Use like regular soap."
* Some Swanson frozen dinners: "Serving suggestions: Defrost."
* On a hotel-provided shower cap in a box: "Fits one head."
* On Tesco's Tiramisu dessert: "Do not turn upside down" (printed on bottom of the box).
* On Marks & Spencer Bread Pudding: "Product will be hot after heating."
* On packaging for a Rowenta iron: "Do not iron clothes on body."
* On Boot's Children's Cough Medicine: "Do not drive car or operate machinery."
* On Nytol (a sleep aid): "Warning: May cause drowsiness."
* On a Korean kitchen knife: "Warning: Keep out of children."
* On a string of Chinese-made Christmas lights: "For indoor or outdoor use only."
* On a Japanese food processor: "Not to be used for the other use."
* On Salnsbury's Peanuts: "Warning: Contains nuts."
* On an American Airlines packet of nuts: "Instructions: Open packet, eat nuts."
* On a Swedish chain saw: "Do not attempt to stop chain with your hands."