Monday, February 16, 2009

My valentine!

I am loved. Jeremy got me a hot cocoa and an apple fritter for valentines day. He really knows what I like! I wanted to share with you my roses. Aren't the beautiful?! I actually bought them for myself. You see, I had to run to Aldis. (texas toast garlic bread... if you have priced it and tried it, you know what I mean). Well, these flowers were 6 roses (and babies breath) for $.99, can you believe it? I took these photos this morning. They still look amazing. I spent $2 on this lovely boquette. REALLY though, he did not buy my flowers because we don't do that. They get me a hanging basket for Mother's Day and then we also buy flowers for the yard. He did the right thing. They make me smile.
Counting our blessings that everyone is still healthy at our house. We really had a nice time on Saturday. Thank you for making dinner Auntie Mary. Love you!

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