Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.
1 Chronicles 16:34

Monday, November 24, 2008

Update on my hunter!

"No luck, stuck duck". No deer this weekend for Jeremy but that is not due to lack of trying. Two missed opportunities and a jerk (who was not back Sunday morning) made for a long weekend. But he will have more opportunities in the coming weeks.
How did you all do? Any venison to warm the tummies at your house? Hopefully after this coming weekend in the UP we will have some to stock our freezer.
Happy day.

"The view from my boots"! and a little bit of Not me Monday!

Much to delight of my children I present to you the "view from my boots" this morning!

One way to expel some energy before school is to log some shovel time! They were sure happy to do it!

Not Me! Monday! Hosted by MckMama

Now, I certainly have not missed many past Mondays so I am NOT going to pack a few weeks into one!

One a recent trip up north I certainly did not do ALL of the packing/van too including a bucket for the one with the "self inflicted flu"
On that same trip (which I had to drive) I certainly did not take a photo of my son sleeping in his chair because he was so cute.

I most certainly did not take two of my children shopping down by the mall this weekend. That would have meant a whole lots of unnecessary work.

I did not utilize all of what our church has to offer when it comes to children so that I could actually hear the entire service.

I did not contemplate allowing my parents to take our almost two year old along on a fourteen hour drive week long trip west just so that I could have a break.

I did not have an important meeting (which all four of my children were present without the help of Jeremy) with important paper work (so much so that it comes with it's own instructions on how to do the paper work) that I did not have to make 79 copies for. That would have been silly for me to spend so much money on paperwork and have my kids there. No way was it a loud disheveled mess.

Lately I certainly did not ask a friend is she was feeling okay (thought she looked "pregnant") only for her to tell me it was a "cold".
That same girl certainly did not come to me the next week and confirm my question with the appropriate... 12 weeks along, how did you know!?!

I am not looking forward to my kids having five days off in a row this week (really, I am not). Good thing we will be up north and have Auntie Mary for reinforcements too!

Okay, so I am not going to incriminate my self any more this week. Hope you all have a happy day! Going out to play in the snow with the littles!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Deer Hunting church survival kit:

Sunday school x 2
"adult staffed childcare" x 2
Equipment received: 1 vibrating pager
Added all up, makes for an entire service heard by a weary mama! Refreshed by the Word and ready to finish my weekend.
So how did you do this weekend? How did your hunter do?
My hunter you ask? Well, he had a few frustrating moments... stubborn jerk of a hunter squatted right next to his blind. Have not heard anything from him today. Don't dare call him for fear his phone would ring and I would be the one to scare the potential deer away!
I will update when I know more.
Happy day.

Friday, November 21, 2008

NoTe To SeLf:

Do not start blanket project after 9:30 at night and half way through take an hour break!...
One down... three to go! Talkin blankets here folks, not children.
Good night!

Another did ya know edition of me!?!

Okay, so I am supposed to be making a blanket tonight ('cause it is just me and the kids and I should really accomplish it... maybe in a minute).
  • Did ya know that my husband hunts and I don't mind letting him go by himself. Really, I don't. By the end of the time I may regret it just a bit, but that is just because the kids drive me crazy sometimes.
  • I got a clean bill of health the other day , well sort of, but it was better than I could have prayed for.
  • I had my nose broken twice (once by a flight of stairs and once by a girl and a golf putter).
  • I enjoy cooking but dislike baking immensely. BUT I do bake a pumpkin roll (complete with cream cheese frosting in the middle) from scratch. YUM YUM!
  • I dislike immensely (we don't use the word hate here) brushing my teeth.
  • There are times when brushing my teeth (and cleaning my ears) makes me gag... REALLY bad. That is not a good sign at all (it usually means I am expecting....)
  • Don't get your undies in a bundle, that last one was not a hint at anything I AM NOT, it is just a fact about me.
  • I love food, especially non breakfast type food for breakfast (ie. leftovers from supper)
  • I have four blankets to make before Christmas and the only start I have on them is all of the fleece is purchased.
  • I wear a mouth guard to bed and quite honestly I wake up with dragon breath! YUCK!
  • I yell a lot. I don't like and am trying to change it. Working hard on that.
  • If we can treat something with out a prescription/over the counter medication we do it.
  • My mom and I have the same nutrition book so that we can "be on the same page" when she is helping me decide how to treat whom ever needs to be treated.
  • I used to be on a paintball team.
  • I have had surgery on my foot twice. OUCH!
  • My parents and my husband would agree that my feet are very expensive.
  • I have been granted permission (from the hubby of course) to go to the podiatrist to get my feet checked (have not been to one in over eight years) to get my orthotics (oh yah, I wear those too) redone. I have had them for sixteen years and really think it is time to up date them.
  • I plan to start running again after I get my feet checked. Hopefully someday burn enough fat off to start running competitively again. (I really don't like when I can feel things jiggle when I move!)

Okay, enough about me. Anything that you have been just dying to ask? Shoot. Maybe, just maybe I will answer.

Happy "deer hunting widows" weekend!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

can you smell that?

That's it, take a deep breath. Can you smell it now? Ohhhh if you like the smell of jerky, come on over. I have three pounds of it in the dehydrator right now. Seven more pounds to go but it takes four hours for each batch we will make the rest tomorrow. This venison was given to us (I ground it into burger) so all we had to do was buy the seasoning/cure (the dehydrator is on loan) so it is a really inexpensive snack, that we can share!

you think he's feeling better?!?

"I went to the Dentist and he feel'd me better...(big huge smile) can I have a snack?" If there was any doubt in my mind if he was feeling better, that let me know for sure. He is spunky and playing on the floor with his blocks. He even let me see his work in his mouth. (and ate and kept down french fries, four chicken nuggets, a banana and a snack). He wont let me have a picture of him and he wants me to get him dressed. He suddenly realized he is still in his Thomas pajamas. *now he is in the fridge begging for a piece of pizza... too bad we don't have any!
Thanks for the prayers.

Happy day.

waiting game...UPDATE

UPDATE: 11:30am. We have been home for an hour. He wanted an ice cream shake but they said no dairy...grrrrrr. So, we stopped at Burger King and got a cherry slushy. Of course if we stop there we have to get nuggets too. I thought for sure he would just drink but he is really enjoying the nuggets. He is doing great. Talking really funny because he is pretty swollen but otherwise in good spirits. We plan to curl up for some quality time watching Tom and Jerry and a nap too. His biggest concern... he doesn't want L at grandmas house. He is so used to her being here and together all the time that it has been pretty tough. Well, we are off, to curl up.
Up before it was light out this morning D and made our way to the outpatient wing of our local hospital. Major dental work (ya' know the kind that requires financing) is what is on for today. Happy and unassuming he enjoyed picking out a stuffed duck and meeting everyone who came into his room. Every ten minutes or so he would ask if it was time to go home yet... A little vercet(sp?) and a wagon ride later he was off to the "restricted area". Kiss (that he wont remember, and "no, you can't have a bottle for home")he was ready to go. He is getting all the work done right now as I type... listening to Lincoln Brewster and playing the waiting game. If you have a moment put up a prayer for him to be safe with the anesthesia. I will update later when we are at home. Thank you to Auntie Mary and mom and dad who are helping with the kids today. We appreciate you.
Happy day.

**vercet = a wonderful syrup that makes the kids loopy enough to slur words, unable to walk and they don't remember anything. Act just like they are hammered. If you have ever dealt with it, you probably asked for a bottle to take home too.**

Monday, November 3, 2008

"My mom in the morning" by W

"My mom in the morning" by W
I thought he did a really nice job. Jeremy said "yes, he made you look even better than you ever do!" Thanks hon. Love you too.
Happy Monday to all of you. (you can click on the picture of extra detail. He was pretty upset because L colored a little bit of black ink on it... I think it is great! My baby loves me just the way that I am.)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Look what I got!!

Okay so I had not been to a grocery store in three and a half weeks. We have bought milk but at a local gas station (for $1.99 a gallon) but had decided to eat what was in the house. Well today, I went (because it was so bad we were even out of butter! and Jeremy "had nothing to take in his lunch"). I spent $129.00 (that includes a coupon savings of $67) which isn't too bad considering how long it had been. But check out the deal I got on chicken at our local grocery store.
"Buy $25 worth of Golden plump chicken products get $10 off automatically" was the deal. Well the family pack(3.5lbs) of legs were marked $5 a pack and the whole chickens(3.5lbs) were marked $5 a piece. So, I bought three packs of legs and two chickens. (each item will make at least two meals for us) they also allowed me to use 4 $1 off any Golden plump item. In other words I got 17.5 lbs of chicken for $11!!! That is $.63 per pound!!!

I was too excited not to share! Hope you all have a great weekend. If you want to check out other great deals people found check out Money Saving mom!

Happy day.