Monday, November 24, 2008

"The view from my boots"! and a little bit of Not me Monday!

Much to delight of my children I present to you the "view from my boots" this morning!

One way to expel some energy before school is to log some shovel time! They were sure happy to do it!

Not Me! Monday! Hosted by MckMama

Now, I certainly have not missed many past Mondays so I am NOT going to pack a few weeks into one!

One a recent trip up north I certainly did not do ALL of the packing/van too including a bucket for the one with the "self inflicted flu"
On that same trip (which I had to drive) I certainly did not take a photo of my son sleeping in his chair because he was so cute.

I most certainly did not take two of my children shopping down by the mall this weekend. That would have meant a whole lots of unnecessary work.

I did not utilize all of what our church has to offer when it comes to children so that I could actually hear the entire service.

I did not contemplate allowing my parents to take our almost two year old along on a fourteen hour drive week long trip west just so that I could have a break.

I did not have an important meeting (which all four of my children were present without the help of Jeremy) with important paper work (so much so that it comes with it's own instructions on how to do the paper work) that I did not have to make 79 copies for. That would have been silly for me to spend so much money on paperwork and have my kids there. No way was it a loud disheveled mess.

Lately I certainly did not ask a friend is she was feeling okay (thought she looked "pregnant") only for her to tell me it was a "cold".
That same girl certainly did not come to me the next week and confirm my question with the appropriate... 12 weeks along, how did you know!?!

I am not looking forward to my kids having five days off in a row this week (really, I am not). Good thing we will be up north and have Auntie Mary for reinforcements too!

Okay, so I am not going to incriminate my self any more this week. Hope you all have a happy day! Going out to play in the snow with the littles!

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Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I asked a friend the same thing once. Must be something we women can smell on eachother!