Friday, November 21, 2008

Another did ya know edition of me!?!

Okay, so I am supposed to be making a blanket tonight ('cause it is just me and the kids and I should really accomplish it... maybe in a minute).
  • Did ya know that my husband hunts and I don't mind letting him go by himself. Really, I don't. By the end of the time I may regret it just a bit, but that is just because the kids drive me crazy sometimes.
  • I got a clean bill of health the other day , well sort of, but it was better than I could have prayed for.
  • I had my nose broken twice (once by a flight of stairs and once by a girl and a golf putter).
  • I enjoy cooking but dislike baking immensely. BUT I do bake a pumpkin roll (complete with cream cheese frosting in the middle) from scratch. YUM YUM!
  • I dislike immensely (we don't use the word hate here) brushing my teeth.
  • There are times when brushing my teeth (and cleaning my ears) makes me gag... REALLY bad. That is not a good sign at all (it usually means I am expecting....)
  • Don't get your undies in a bundle, that last one was not a hint at anything I AM NOT, it is just a fact about me.
  • I love food, especially non breakfast type food for breakfast (ie. leftovers from supper)
  • I have four blankets to make before Christmas and the only start I have on them is all of the fleece is purchased.
  • I wear a mouth guard to bed and quite honestly I wake up with dragon breath! YUCK!
  • I yell a lot. I don't like and am trying to change it. Working hard on that.
  • If we can treat something with out a prescription/over the counter medication we do it.
  • My mom and I have the same nutrition book so that we can "be on the same page" when she is helping me decide how to treat whom ever needs to be treated.
  • I used to be on a paintball team.
  • I have had surgery on my foot twice. OUCH!
  • My parents and my husband would agree that my feet are very expensive.
  • I have been granted permission (from the hubby of course) to go to the podiatrist to get my feet checked (have not been to one in over eight years) to get my orthotics (oh yah, I wear those too) redone. I have had them for sixteen years and really think it is time to up date them.
  • I plan to start running again after I get my feet checked. Hopefully someday burn enough fat off to start running competitively again. (I really don't like when I can feel things jiggle when I move!)

Okay, enough about me. Anything that you have been just dying to ask? Shoot. Maybe, just maybe I will answer.

Happy "deer hunting widows" weekend!

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