Saturday, November 1, 2008

Look what I got!!

Okay so I had not been to a grocery store in three and a half weeks. We have bought milk but at a local gas station (for $1.99 a gallon) but had decided to eat what was in the house. Well today, I went (because it was so bad we were even out of butter! and Jeremy "had nothing to take in his lunch"). I spent $129.00 (that includes a coupon savings of $67) which isn't too bad considering how long it had been. But check out the deal I got on chicken at our local grocery store.
"Buy $25 worth of Golden plump chicken products get $10 off automatically" was the deal. Well the family pack(3.5lbs) of legs were marked $5 a pack and the whole chickens(3.5lbs) were marked $5 a piece. So, I bought three packs of legs and two chickens. (each item will make at least two meals for us) they also allowed me to use 4 $1 off any Golden plump item. In other words I got 17.5 lbs of chicken for $11!!! That is $.63 per pound!!!

I was too excited not to share! Hope you all have a great weekend. If you want to check out other great deals people found check out Money Saving mom!

Happy day.


A Look Into Our Lives said...

I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and to lift up my husband in prayer. I am blessed and grateful for all the encouragement and support.
Thank you again and may you be blessed,

PS Score on the chicken!! :)

Michael said...

Lots of giveaways at this site.