Wednesday, November 5, 2008

waiting game...UPDATE

UPDATE: 11:30am. We have been home for an hour. He wanted an ice cream shake but they said no dairy...grrrrrr. So, we stopped at Burger King and got a cherry slushy. Of course if we stop there we have to get nuggets too. I thought for sure he would just drink but he is really enjoying the nuggets. He is doing great. Talking really funny because he is pretty swollen but otherwise in good spirits. We plan to curl up for some quality time watching Tom and Jerry and a nap too. His biggest concern... he doesn't want L at grandmas house. He is so used to her being here and together all the time that it has been pretty tough. Well, we are off, to curl up.
Up before it was light out this morning D and made our way to the outpatient wing of our local hospital. Major dental work (ya' know the kind that requires financing) is what is on for today. Happy and unassuming he enjoyed picking out a stuffed duck and meeting everyone who came into his room. Every ten minutes or so he would ask if it was time to go home yet... A little vercet(sp?) and a wagon ride later he was off to the "restricted area". Kiss (that he wont remember, and "no, you can't have a bottle for home")he was ready to go. He is getting all the work done right now as I type... listening to Lincoln Brewster and playing the waiting game. If you have a moment put up a prayer for him to be safe with the anesthesia. I will update later when we are at home. Thank you to Auntie Mary and mom and dad who are helping with the kids today. We appreciate you.
Happy day.

**vercet = a wonderful syrup that makes the kids loopy enough to slur words, unable to walk and they don't remember anything. Act just like they are hammered. If you have ever dealt with it, you probably asked for a bottle to take home too.**

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Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear it went well. We will continue to pray for comfort and healing.