Thursday, February 5, 2009

So, every Wednesday we take our boys to Cross Training and we attend Bible study. The series right now is angels and demons. It is packed full of scripture and people. If you would like to hear the studies here it the link (pastor records them... which is nice because I had to "man" the daycare last week and missed it...),com_wrapper/Itemid,130/

A question that had been on my mind was "what happens to unborn babies... whether they be miscarried, still born, aborted... whatever the case may be". Children are born sinful and need to be baptized. But what happens to those who don't make it. Pastor briefly (because it was after class) talked about it but then directed me to this same question which he answered on the church website.
It really helped me to understand a little bit better. There are many other topics also, but that was on my mind and my heart.

Home today with Jeremy (IT NEEDS TO WARM UP... AND FAST!). Truly we are blessed with a healthy house (other than a couple of adult head colds...). All of our children have been totally healthy this fall and winter season.
Happy day!


Kari said...

I asked him the same question after one of my miscarriages, he assured me that God knows my heart and what we would have done for those children, had they lived to be born. He also, without a question, told me to believe I'd be reunited with my unborn babies in heaven. What a comfort that was!


gbmom2407 said...

Kari, he told me the same thing. I too felt an overwhelming comfort. What a blessing to have a loving God!
Happy day.