Friday, February 27, 2009

A not so good "first"

I have always prided myself in being able to "take my kids anywhere" and they behave. They don't beg for things and they are polite. They stick close and they ask permission to look at and touch things. As a reward we look at toys when we are at the appropriate stores to do so, and some places I even buy a string cheese at the end of the store if they have been good. I have never had to take my kids out of store and leave without what I needed because of their behavior before... UNTIL TODAY! I am still angry about it. And, it wasn't a tantrum from a little it was my two "big" boys running through racks of clothing, running around the store, acting like complete and total fools. To top it all off, the store was full. A local tv station was there (I think they were doing a segment on saving money... it was a consignment shop). He did not have his camera rolling. THANK THE LORD. I can say, that I was able to keep my cool and calmly tell the kids that we needed to go and I walked them all out. Then... I lost it. Honestly I am surprised I have a voice left. They were wonderful in the store before and the library. It was a sad moment for me today. I have faith that they will do better next time. And the next time I need to go to that store, I will go BY MYSELF!
I have to give a "shout out to Kohls". We bought H a pair of new balance tennis shoes in January, wouldn't ya know his feet grew again! And the other day he pointed out that a seam ripped. His foot was completely exposed. They are good quality shoes, we have never had this happen. So, armed with my receipt I took them (him too, he was wearing them, they only have one pair of shoes each) and asked the wonderful lady at the desk. She said as long as it was an even $$ exchange (it didn't matter brand) he could have a new pair of shoes. Well we got them and he no longer has a hole in his shoe. Most other stores would have told me we were out of luck because he had worn them. Not Kohls, they were happy to give him a different pair. Thank you, for saving us money.


MamaBear said...

My kids are almost always very good in the store...except the grocery store. They just can't be good there. I'm embarrassed to admit how many times it took me to give up entirely on taking them with. I just kept going and going and then failing and failing. Good for you for knowing from the very first time to not take them to that store again.

It pays to keep track of receipts! Sam only has one pair of shoes too. I'm SO anxious for garage sale season so he can get another pair. Glad to hear that Kohl's was so nice!

Kari said...

Children are the great humblers! I can SO relate...

Kari B