Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday folders!

So, every Tuesday every family in the grade school gets a folder sent home with the weekly news. So what you say? big deal? Well, someone has to put them together... The kids and I arrive every other Tuesday at 8:10am to help with them. This was our morning so we did our usual. EXCEPT when I arrived the lovely lady who is in charge greets me with a "I can't stay my son is sick" (mind you he is standing next to her... fever, sore throat, ect.) I tell her to go, I can handle it (we have not had any one sick, remember). Well, thirty minutes later the principal (awesome guy) wanders in to his surprise I WAS ALONE! Not a single other parent volunteer showed up this morning to help. I was doing just fine but it was looking like I would be there until next Sunday when a few ladies who work in the schools work room wandered in to help! Needless to say, with a little extra help we were able to get done (and it is still Tuesday!). Greatful for the help (and now not a single one of them can say they have never done it before!)At least I didn't have my sweet extra too... that would have just made my day!
We survived, and everyone is still healthy. Soak and wet, but healthy. Currently 47degrees you can just imagine what my children looked like after just seven minutes outside. SOGGY!

D, L and our sweet extra!

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