Monday, August 4, 2008

little boys lunch discussions

(to give the right context, in the past every time any of the littles have asked "what are you doing?" no matter what it was my response was "taking a shower" the funny things is they have never questioned it...?... when asked "where are you going?" I had always replied "to China"... that was the reply until this past January when I called W's HS/EC teacher to tell him he would be out for two days. His reply "oh, will you be in China again?" He was dead serious, he had thought that I frequented China often...because my severely speech delayed (apraxic) son had always told him his mom was "in China" or "going to China" needless to say I stopped that and now I just tell them where I am going for real). Now onto the reason for this post.
Sitting at lunch today (H and W eating raisin bran...yippee their favorite) they were having a discussion. W announced to H that he was born in China. "my mom like to go there". H replied "I don't think so but I am not sure" (OF COURSE HE KNOWS... my smart mouthed smart brained seven and a half year old surely knows where he and all of his siblings were, state, hospital, day, month, year...) Subject dropped by both as they asked for seconds. I just had to laugh. Never been out of the country to clarify. Not in this families budget I am afraid... Nothing against China (I think it would be an amazing place to visit.) instead of day dreaming about it I will enjoy my day here in balmy Wisconsin.


Mother of Many said...

So glad to have a new visitor. I love strangers that are visitors the most. Funny, funny story about China. I can totally see my kids saying that. Only I wouldn't correct them. I would keep right up with it. Like when my daughter called her hiccups her hookups. Now we all say we have the hookups. It's just too cute. Please come again. I will be here again...

Kari said...

Thanks for sharing! I love listening to what the kids have to say. I love what you've done to your blog, will you teach me? I'll be gone next week (I'm going to China) but when I return, lets get together.