Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend in review...

We had an awesome weekend. My rummage sale went great. I met an amazing woman who just happened to need little boys clothing... We have been talking often and I think she rocks!
Kari, her family and the errabundus bus stopped by on their way out of town. They gave us the grand tour! I love it!!!

The kids and I went to the local "pumpkin festival" and bought sixteen pumpkins! We love to carve them and decorate the front landscaping. We ran into a few people we knew and they pretty much thought we were nuts... whatever works.

I made round steak and gravy with mashed potatoes. Yum Yum! The kids ate and ate.

Jeremy took the two big boys with him to Fond du Lac. They are getting the deer blind ready for hunting season. Jeremy has the privilege to hunt with his best friend again this year. We are hoping for some good venison. The kids love it and it makes for many warm meals in the winter. AND with them gone, Sunday nap time was quiet and I got to rest and watch the NASCAR race all by myself.

Coughing... if you were here this weekend you would have not slept a wink. There were many children coughing ALL night. The kids said it is because they are back at school and every year we all get sick. They are correct on that matter.

It was my grandparents 60th wedding Anniversary. God has truly blessed them.

Oh and I got my van back! It seems to be functioning just fine. A huge thank you to the wonderful men and women who helped make it work right again.

The usual week to come here. I just pray that everyone starts feeling better.

Happy day!

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