Thursday, October 16, 2008

Something Someone to be proud of...

This past weekend we went out to find Jeremy. Thought I would show you what he has been working on all summer. And, I remembered the camera.
Front of the house... scray hill stone and brick... yes, those are old barn beams.

The fireplace (sorry the scaffolding was still up and I was trying to get the whole thing) Can you find the duck creek brick.Hearthstone weighed 1460lbs.
back of the house (pillars for the deck need to be finished yet)
chimney (40feet in the air)
Like I said, he is my "hard work'n hubby". He busts his bottom everyday for all of us. Even yesterday, he was rained out so he came home (drove 40 minutes each way) and scrubbed my kitchen from top to bottom... yep, you read that right, all of the walls, appliances, cupboards, table and chairs, and the floor (oh yeah, and the bathroom floor too). PRETTY PROUD AND THANKFUL TOO!

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