Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The did ya know edition of Me!!

did ya know:
  • I am number four of eight children... four girls and four boys
  • I dislike ice cream
  • I struggle everyday with organization
  • I We live in a "shoebox" (*I only say that because with the amount of people we have here the amount of shoes is well... absurd. and our home is a tiny rectangular shaped "box". This week we will have lived in our home for six years!)
  • I AM FRUGAL almost to a fault
  • I can cook
  • I really, really, really, enjoy smelling brand new babies.
  • Our second son cried for the first two years of his life (not an exaggeration) but I survived and still love him (he is turning six this month)
  • I can still do a cart wheel... back walkover?..not a chance
  • Autumn is my favorite season
  • I enjoy being the sober driver
  • I am proud of my husband and my children
  • I "stalk" many people's blogs
  • I am NOT a short order cook... yah don't like it?!? then you can just go to bed.
  • I am a redeemed child of God

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