Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our excellent adventure

**no photos to be had... camera left at home... AGAIN!!!**
So, Jeremy got home from work last night (the kids and I were out playing in the leaves) and asked if I was up for going to check out the Salmon run! Absolutely. We drove out to Footbridge about 25 minutes from our house. There is a dam and what looks like hatchery pools. We were so excited. The salmon were jumping. Even smacking against the fence (right where we were all standing). D especially was squealing with delight. As we walked further down there was a glassed area where you could see them under water. It was soooooo cool watching the kids get a close up view of the beautiful Salmon. There was also a Steelhead trout right in front of our faces. Checking out the jumping salmon again we headed out. Off to a local park that has a pheasant farm, a bear (he was inside, we did not get to see him but boy oh boy we could smell him), sheep and goats, rabbits, red golden pheasants (the most amazing colored bird I have ever seen), two bobcats, peacocks, a crazy goose (she gave D a piece of her mind), and three bucks (Jeremy said he would have shot any one of them) and two doe. The coolest part about this adventure was the eight point buck walked right up to the fence. That was so neat (this was the closest any of the kids had ever gotten to a live buck). The sheep also ate out of H's hand. I don't know who enjoyed it most but I think that saying I did would not be an understatement. The plan is that we will go again this Saturday. Grandpa and Grandma are coming. Let's just pray that the salmon are still running... it is really neat to hear the kids enjoy them!
See, there is your school day in a nut shell! Who needs school when you have my blog!
Happy day.

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Kari said...

Thanks Anna, I'll let the kids read this and then I'll be done for the day. Maybe even for a week!

You, always looking out for me.

Kari B
Thanks for the stuff!