Tuesday, October 21, 2008

LaUnDrY tackled...little boys room... spotless

Well, the walls could use a good scrubbing and a fresh coat of paint but that will have to wait until we can empty the room. All of the clothes are changed over and I even got the floor scrubbed. The bedding has all been changed (yah know, if you want your sheets changed, just ask... no need to vomit to get my attention) and the rug just needs to be put back (I need someone to lift the bed so I can put it back). I also "tackled" my LaUnDrY (mountain)...estimated 11 loads and two loads of diapers. All folded AND put away. See I told you we could have had a folding party. I even got a bag of clothing to Goodwill and a bag to be posted to craigslist. I really busted my butt to get what I needed to done. NOW this week I must get L's room finished. She may be the only one that sleeps in there (thank goodness because quite frankly there is no way... with the mess I have going we could get anyone else in there). D's clothing is also in her room so I need to get them switched to the new season and all of it put away. At least it is all clean so I can just switch it out. Maybe, just maybe I will give you a glimpse of how we "fit" into our "shoebox" when I get it all done. No promises though.
Special prayer request... PLEASE... Pray for my youngest brother Noah (19). He is stationed in Kuwait and will be there into the new year. And for one of my older brothers, Adam (32), who just got a new position. It was really needed. May they find peace to get them through their days.
Happy day.

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