Monday, October 20, 2008

Update on my hunters and a little bit of "not me! Monday"

**Update on my hunters (Jeremy, H and W) well, they saw four really nice bucks. The only problem... it is "earn a buck" so he needs to shoot a doe first. The really great thing was, we all know how you need to be quiet in the woods... well with two adults and three boys do you really think it was that quiet? If you answered yes, you obviously don't know H... he is a talker just like his, ehhhhhem, dad. But the deer still came in. He will get one (or hopefully three) this year and we will have tons of great meat. We made our first batch of jerky last Wednesday and it was awesome. I can't wait to make more.**

"Not me! Monday" hosted by MckMama.

This past week I certainly did not:

  • get lost take the scenic route to my destination only to bypass my first destination only to realize when I was 40min from my first and 23min from my second.
  • Get totally excited when Jeremy told me that W could stay with him and hunt too.
  • act like I was still asleep at 2am this morning when I could hear Jeremy chewing H out for "being old enough to get to the toilet" thinking he wet the bed...only to arise when the smell hit me!
  • stick my son's afghan in the toilet to rinse vomit out of it at 2am this morning.
  • almost vomit myself this morning as I recapped my 2am by putting more dirty bedding in the washing machine.
  • rinse 7, yes that many nasty diapers yesterday. Every single diaper I changed. (**note to self, peanuts don't like L)
  • totally miss my hubby and not sleep well because of it. And I was not totally crabby because two hours of sleep isn't compatible with four little kids.
  • do all the dirty laundry and as it got clean leave it lay on the floor in front of the washer/dryer.
  • really regret my decision to suck D's thumb after putting Mavala Stop on it. No, not me, that would have been the worst tasting, how the heck do you still have your thumb in your mouth, oh my gosh I should try that for my nail biting habit, gotta go brush my teeth for ten years, idea I have had in years.

Okay, I am already in enough trouble... can you say LaUnDrY?!?! Anyone wanna have a folding party? Man do I have to get my house changed over from summer and fall/winter to just fall/winter. This place is a disaster... sorry Angie and Ryan I really hope that me offering you jerky totally made you forget the mess you came upon Friday night. If not... stop by this evening (you are more than welcome) the house will be spotless.

**for the record, he did still have his thumb in his mouth even after I applied and reapplied. He did then shortly after throw up because of the horrid taste. And as far as we know did not put it back in... oh no, not D that would have tasted nasty. No worries though, he slept through all of the 2am vomit.

Happy day to all of you.

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