Friday, October 17, 2008

Firsts all the way around...

D had his first dentist appointment today. He did really well. Results? Let's just say, we will be financing his next visit. H got to go with Jeremy tonight to his best friends house to hunt. They will be there all weekend (unless he gets a doe sooner). Results? For me, one less child. For them... I will update when I know.
L... well, I got nothin. She had a same old same old kind of day.
W got to have his first sleepover. A friend sleept over for his up coming birthday. Since his day is on a weekday this year we decided that tonight (because I am short two people) would be a great night to do it. They had a great time and a little bit of cake too! Results?

*the cake has been edited to meet blog protocol. Please don't mind the finger in the nose... how do you think we keep the food bill down around here!

This was actually the first sleepover (non family and non needing help because we are in the hospital having a baby) that we have ever had at our house. Results? Not too bad, I think we can allow it again. I will let you know in the morning if there is reason to change my mind.

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