Thursday, July 31, 2008

What I got with my walgreens coupon(s)

So, if you missed it I had (and you all could have also) a printable coupon for $5 off a $20 purchase. My first purchase ... Ink cartridge refill (could not wait for the free refill day...but hey it had not been filled since 9/07 so that is pretty good) $15 and the scrubbing bubbles starter kit $5.49. Total with tax $16.34. BUT WAIT. this month there is a rebate for $1.50 on the starter kit AND I have a mail-in rebate from scrubbing bubbles (in last months news paper) to receive $5.49 back. What that means is my actual total is $9.35. Pretty good for having to purchase $20 to use the coupon.
Okay, so I went back later (when I did not have so much help) and plus, Jeremy "needed" icecream. Here is what I got this time bioinfusion shampoo/conditioner (x2) $11.98, pert plus $3.79, jane sheer powder $4.99, hersheys syrup $2.29, edys icecream (x2) bogo $6.29. ~ coupons used $2.00 ecb & $5.00 a$20 purchase. Total $23.21. BUT WAIT! rebate shampoo/conditioner $11.98, rebate pert plus $3.79, rebate powder $4.99. GRAND TOTAL from second trip $2.45!!
So, I am coming along with what the girls are teaching (by the way, they work really hard, there are many of them but my favorite ones are on the side of this blog).
Total for my day $49.83 $11.80
I know some of you "make money" on all of this. I am working on it. I get a little flustered so I am learning to make a list and know exactly what I need/want BEFORE I walk into the store. You girls rock.
Happy day,

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