Monday, July 28, 2008


Well as of tomorrow summer school is over. I don't know who liked it more, H or myself... All the siblings except one (Mary is the exception she lives her locally) who leaves Wednesday morning. It has been fun but exhausting to have everyone. Jeremy and I had the privilege to go and spend some time with a few siblings and Kellie (my soon-to-be AMAZING sister-in-law)~ my parents kept the littles. It was nice to spend Friday evening with Jeremy because he ended up working 20 hours this weekend (what an absolute blessing... he is wiped out but we can pay for his car tires IN CASH) he is absolutely a hard working hubby. I broke my forth toe last week (kicked the vacuum in the middle of the night, that was real fun trying to be quiet when it felt like my toes was going to fall off) so it has kind of kept my mind off of other things. Although I lie awake at night thinking about the decisions that we have to make (and when I am going to end up pregnant again ~we laugh about that statement but I have no doubt it will happen again soon). I am reading "The Contraception Guidebook - options, risks and answers for christian couples". I am only three chapters in (really slow reader) but I have already learned things that I had no clue about. If anything it is educating me to the way different methods work (not that ANY OF THEM would work for us) and giving me strength to do what I know is right.
The rest of the week now we will hopefully see the last of my brothers who is still around, have a play date or two and oh yah, meet a new family that wants me to babysit for them. We are exploring the endeavor of me watching a couple extra littles during the week. Have to meet this family and discuss our options.
Can't wait to post the Lilies (Asiatic tree lilies) that have bloomed all over the yard. My favorite are right by the door that we enter the house. They are sooooo fragrant and they last a number of days.

Happy day to all of you.

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