Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our gardens!

Part of what Jeremy and I love is the outdoors. We both love to make our yard look nice. With a little help from our friends it is coming along nicely. I took some photos yesterday of one portion that I would love to share with all of you.
One problem we have had is rabbits. Although the neighbor boy trapped fifteen of them this past winter we have a major issue. They ate my entire wildflower garden... ate my beans and green pepper plants in the vegetable garden... ate my strawberry plants... and nibbled on random flowers in the yard. This is soooo irritating because last summer they did not touch anything. We solved a couple of issues by "fencing" in our strawberry patch and our small vegetable garden. So far they are staying out and we just may get some beans this summer. Along with the strawberry patch we have a pear tree, a huge raspberry patch (we each got one yesterday...D says "these yummy mom"), and a cherry tree (none for us this year, the birds got them). Our garden consists of onions (350 of them) radishes (they have been really taste, putting more in this week), we are down to one cucumber plant (dang rabbits), eight of my bean plants survived the rabbit destruction, two bell pepper plants (doing great after the rabbits are gone), and four tomato plants ~ one cherry tomato for the kids to eat in the yard, and three for eating (BLT's are a staple here) and freezing for chili in the winter. The only problem with this garden is that it is way too small. It is only about 3ft by 12ft. Plans are in the works to expand it for next year. We all love fresh vegis and fruit and really it is easy to grow it, satisfying too. One last thing, we are making a go at pumpkins this year. They are currently in cups trying to sprout. I will keep you updated on the "pumpkin situation". Enjoy the photos and happy day to all of you.

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