Sunday, September 28, 2008


So, after leaving a nice message (I do mean nice...hey, I need something, I am surely going to leave as sweet a message as possible). The lovely people over where the van has been sitting since Friday... are lending me a van until mine is fixed... Happy, relieved, shocked, not so angry, not so stranded! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
Well, my van finally "puked" the transmission is shot (by no fault of my own, someone over at the lube shop messed up and the company will be footing the bill). My van was in Tuesday night into Wednesday midday when they gave it back to me telling me "bring it back when it acts up again". Well, Friday was the last straw. Jeremy brought it over (we did not want anyone to have to call the police) and they called Saturday telling me that it would not be ready until maybe Monday. Yah know what that means?!? We are stranded. Jeremy is working all weekend (no complaints here) and we don't all fit in the car anyway. We are making good of it. Playing in the sandbox, basketball, with a gigantic ball that ended up in our yard, eating, riding bikes, raking leaves, fighting, wiping noses, playing UNO, "writing" in notebooks, wrestling, reading books, giving nebulizer treatments ALL night, eating, fighting, making "ports", doing laundry, running through the cleaning laundry on the line, did I say eating...
All in all as long as they make good on fixing my van I will be okay. I am a bit angry but I will get over it when I can be confident that I wont go into "limp home mode" on the highway.... again.
Happy Sunday to all of you.

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