Friday, September 19, 2008

Finding success!

Okay so it has been two weeks since I quit drinking soda and started watching my calorie count (for real, I had always thought about it but this time I am holding myself accountable). I stepped on the scale today and have lost six pounds! I can not believe it! We walk or ride our bikes every day to and from school (and on the way home in the morning I go as long as I I even got a half mile jog in *felt like I was going to die so I slowed to a brisk walk again). I have begun to feel so much better. Quite honestly, I don't care what the scale says. I just want to feel great again. I had begun to feel and look (in my eyes) like I have four children and "old". Getting up every morning crabby and sore. Staying crabby through out the day. Eliminating all the sugar has really helped. I have not bought any soda in a two weeks (which means Jeremy has quit drinking it too... although he has made up for it with the "pork chops in a can", with everything going on around here, I can't say I blame him), it feels so good. I have gone back to enjoying a cup of hot tea instead of a Mountain dew (oh I do so love Mountain dew and Coke classic). It has been really hard. The way I look at it, I want to get into better shape. I would love to look like I did before I had babies but I am not going to fool myself, I would settle for looking like a healthy beautiful MOMYS. So, today I found success, not only in the scale but in the short jog that I was able to accomplish. D shouting out with glee "faster mom, faster" really made me feel amazing.
So, I need you to offer a prayer up for Kelly (and her dad), the sweet family who has chosen me to keep their sweet baby who are due next week, my brothers and sisters and their families, the people who still have no place to go because of the Hurricanes, and Jeremy who dropped an angle iron on his foot yesterday at is not pretty.
Praising Him today for: H having success at swimming class, W thriving in Kindergarten, the girls that remind me once in a while that I matter as a friend... LOVE YA!, giving me the strength to smile even though I just want to crawl into a hole and stay there. I am happy because He loves me.
Happy day to all of you.

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