Monday, September 29, 2008

getting ready for our rummage sale and other happenings

So, I was supposed to have a rummage sale earlier this summer (everything "going" is in brown boxes in the storage room) and then life happened and the sale didn't. Well this coming Friday me and a whole bunch of ladies are having a "huge sale" at my house. I love to do them and just really don't have a enough stuff to have my own sale so I let a whole bunch know and they are bringing their stuff too. I have been pricing items all weekend. Half done, half to go. I love it. I price how I would buy at a sale... cheap... I want it ALL gone. Need children's clothing and sundries... pass the word. Kids clothing size 6months to 8 (boys) and TONS of it.
So, we drill words all the time here. W needs to repeat as much as possible and D and L follow suit. This weekend the little lady has a new word and a new sentence. "purple" and "me bite please" she repeats pretty much anything W's name, D's name, H's name (and they are really starting to sound right), dad, mom, grandpa, grandma, Mary, Cathy, and all her colors.
H finished his first reading out loud chapter book. He has been reading them all summer (he is into the Magic Tree house books) but he had to read one out loud for his homework. Took a few days but he did awesome.
W got hit in the face with the end of the rake... it was an accident by his brother. His nose has a huge scuff and a bruise across the whole thing. Big deal right?!? Picture day is October 1... we just may have to do the retake day. We will see how it heals up. Praying for a quick recovery. He had croup Saturday night. What a long night. For some reason he just doesn't get sick, he over reacts... like by not breathing... really really annoying especially for a really tired daddy.
And D, well not too much new here. He has decided that he wants to wipe himself. (our other boys were four or five when we finally put our foot down and said to do it themselves... they would probably still be calling us to help them if we didn't) D wants to do it himself, so I supervise and really, he does a great job and "washes his hands with soap and water". He is pretty excited about it. I think he is growing too. We have his well check next month, we shall see how much in the past year.
Jeremy busted his bottom all weekend only to come home sick last night and still today. He is at work, although I am unsure how usefull he is. I am really surprised that he is not back here on the couch.
Well, I am off to the shop to pick up my loaner van. What generous people they are...

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