Wednesday, January 7, 2009

*Wordless Wednesday*well, not really!

This was intended to be "wordless" but I decided to edit it to explain each photo! Had to get these up. If I am going to be an "accountability partner" (you go girl!) I need to hold myself accountable for what I say I am going to do... like post these photos. L's room. See the adorable little bed. Boy oh boy does it make the room look huge. Top left of the photo, that is my stack of photos that need to be taken care of. Hopefully someday I will have enough babysitting money to frame all of them. We love children's books, can you tell?!? The dresser on the right is D's clothes and all crib size blankets and bedding (both toddler beds take that size). L's clothing is all in the closet.
The boys room. To the right is a computer desk and that is all that is in that room. The two big boys have an organizer in their closet that holds their essentials and the rest of their clothes get hung up.

Our room.

My dresser. Now there is a reason for this photo (not just to show off my amazing collection of willow tree). If you know me aren't you proud... you can see my dresser!!! Huge accomplishment for me, just ask my husband (it drives him crazy).

The kitchen from standing in the entry (from the driveway, also goes downstairs). The dark cabinet in the hallway is food on top and towels, rags, junk on the bottom (my only "linen" closet in the house). Under the chair on the right, can you see it? That has become the home for the play dough bag because it is used daily. They love it!

Our table at "rest" so people can get through the kitchen easier.

When we need it, I pull the table out and three (or four when I let them) kids fit on the bench. When we are done we clean it off and push the table back to the wall. Works great (we also have two more chairs and a leaf... when we add those, we turn the table the other way and put the bench by the sliding door, in order to make it all fit the dishwasher gets wheeled down to the bedrooms so we can get around the table... only when we have a crowd!) You can also see our awesome back yard! Can't wait until it warms up!

Living room, from standing by the table. Dishwasher to my left. Don't mind the rug rats!
Turtle tank to the left of the big couch. That is usually where my keyboard goes when the CHRISTmas tree isn't up)

Standing by the turtle tank and front door. Where the tree is, is where the turtle tank usually sits. I took a picture of the entertainment center because I thought it was funny. Did you know that "starwars" and the coast guard were at the "nativity"! (obviously our littles can't play with the tiny legos so they get set up on the stand... amongst my pretty things...)
So there you go. That is how we all fit. Not too bad if you ask us. We are cozy warm with no complaints here! (and yes, the rooms are still clean. I do still have the clothes basket full of socks, work on it a little bit each day).
Happy day.


Farmerboy's Mom said...

Love it!! You did a great job! Thanks for sharing!

~your MOMY friend.

Tori said...

I loved taking the tour of your house! Guess what? You won the Monkey Stitch giveaway! Email us at: to decide what creation you'd like us to make for you!

Have a great day,
Tori from Monkey Stitchers

gbmom2407 said...

I am so excited I won! Thanks for the giveaway Tori! If you all want to see some great custom work chcek out tori's site!

Nancy said...

Your home is very clean! Love the kitchen table arrangement. In 2001 we bought a table and 6 chairs. I has a leaf that expands it to seat 8. Back then we had a family of 6 and now we are 9. I think I was a little short-sighted! We pull chairs from another room and have one in a kinderzeat and one if the high chair. We made need to buy a new table by the time the baby moves up... My other thought was a bench in order to seat more children. Anyway, all looks great in your photos!