Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Have children, will travel!

That's right. 1011 mile round trip to be exact (not including all the running we did while we were in town). And the best part about it -- Jeremy's aunts who had never met L, great-grandpa's 90th birthday party (50+people including 17 children), the "Mighty Mac", tooooo many "grandma's"!!, IKEA!, NO children issues, NO van issues! I have a few pictures (including the Macinaw Bridge ("Mighty Mac") lots of the party. The way out the bridge was hazy and D just went bazzurk. He loved it. On the way home, the sun shone so gloriously over it (but of course that time my camera was packed)... I had the privilege? of sitting in the back of the van with the little boys. I can tell you that in an effort not to complain, we are just going to end this sentence NOW! We are forever thankful for everyones help over the weekend, (It was so nice to see ALL of you, thanks for spoiling my children rotten, **sorry about the pillow top mattress...) and for our van that ran without any issues and has a dvd system.
Truly, we are blessed.

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