Tuesday, May 5, 2009

what really burns me...

Anyone who has children (especially more than one...) has probably had a "friend" or even a perfect stranger come to them and ask them why they have so many children. And/or ask tell them they should not have any more. People have no idea how bad that burns. It really is NO ONE ELSE'S BUSINESS. I just wish that people would think before they speak. Oh yeah really, I should not have this many children?!? They are all here, which one would you choose we get rid of. Really people, give me a break. Some of us see children as a blessing from God, and nothing less. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
I want to direct you to my good friends blog. She has an awesome "children" post. (Mom, click on the word children it will get you there!)

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Kari said...

I heard a really good story the other day about a family that found themselves in a really bad financial situation. At church, the pastor (!) jokingly (really?) said something about not having any more children until they had things straightened out. Little did he know that she was already pregnant. She reminded him that while the Israelites were in Egypt under HEAVY oppression, God BLESSED them and they grew in number! It really makes you think... Who is God giving us? What huge plans does God have in store for them? It's not about us and our current situation...baby's are ALWAYS a blessing.

I wish more people would realize that.