Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How I spent my birthday!

The same way I spent my birth day thirty-one years ago... with my mom of course! J had to work but left me with a kiss on the forehead and a happy birthday. H remembered (all on his own that it was my birthday and told the rest of the kids to tell me). We did some shopping so that we can make bread and made banana muffins (all the kids helped and even my non-banana eaters thought they were great). J got me a willow tree figurine (totally awesome because I have a whole bunch of them and he found one I didn't have). On mother's day we had my birthday cake (with my parents and sister) strawberries, fresh whipping cream and angel food cake, of course.

H sat on my mom for quite a while talking about the day I was born and a where we lived at the time. It was so cute I tried to get a photo, but he decided he did not want a nice one so I just snapped. It just floors me that eight years ago this very month he was just pudgy little five month old. Now, he is a gangly ball of attitude (with dirty feet!). I really had a nice birthday, thanks mom. (it was the 12th, tomorrow the 14th marks the day I was baptized thirty-one years ago). Oh, what a week! I pray you all had a wonderful Mother's day (I did not post because I spent the day with my family).
Next week in honor of our wedding aniversary (yes, all four in the same week!) I will be having my first giveaway ever!!! Just giving you something to look forward to.
Happy day.


Kari said...

Happy Birthday, Happy Baptism day, Happy Mothers Day, Happy Anniversary Too!!!

My birthday week is kinda like that too...It's usually very close to Mothers Day, and the anniversary of mine and Matt's first date is the day after my birthday. It really is fun to lump together celebrations isn't it?!?


Deb said...

I hope you had a good B-day.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday, Mrs- Anna :)

Christy O said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a great day! What a fun time of celebrations all packed together!
God bless!