Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sick of being sick...

Hello, from my L_O_N_G absence. It has been a long month. With school, church, Cross Training, Lutheran Pioneers, ST, karate, the basement, this pregnancy (which might I add we are in our 27th week, six days until the third trimester, 90 days to go!! Doing great, 12lb weight gain total, FAILED my glucose test miserably but have been managing my numbers with food, tons of movement! The only thing that stinks is because of the gd I now have to see my OB every two weeks.), Jeremy's job and yard work, we are staying busy. (oh yeah, in there some where we loaded my parents moving truck, moved a piano from their house to ours...) Then we tossed the wrench into to spinning wheels and our lives came to a screeeeeeeeching hault. SICK KIDS! (and me too but I was pretty minor compared). W missed four days of school and at his highest had a temp of 105. Diagnosed with an ear infection and strep throat. He still sounds funny (lost his voice at the very end of it all) but he is back to happy. H missed two days of school, his highest fever was also 105. Completely viral and we rode it out! D is still recovering. So far has missed three days of school. His temp also reached 105. Ear infection. What is getting him is the cough. He is playing nice today and resting in between, I am confident he will be back in school tomorrow. L is a wreck. At her highest her fever was 105. She has a double ear infection. She just got wiped out from it. She now has a slight head cold but otherwise only looks bad. The nice thing is all temps have broke and they are on the upswing. My temp never got over 100 (yes, that is just fine) and I had the headache that is going with all of this. I now have the cough, it is soooooo horrible, it is all flem related but I feel bad that I keep Jeremy up all night. Even if I go to a different part of the house, we are all coughing so it does not matter. I joked on my facebook the other day that there is a large blinky arrow sign outside my house advertising the coughing contest we have here. By the grace of God Jeremy is still healthy and working too! Through it all, we are blessed.
This week, W turns seven. That means we have lived in this house for seven years. Who would have thought when we moved in that we would have out grown it too! Never fear, Jeremy is here!! He is making (with the help of many other people, including our parents) more space in the basement. Much progress has been made. I can not wait to post photos!
I also, before the wrench, took some photos of our fall colors in our yard. I will try to get them posted this week.
Thanks for sticking with me. I will make an effort to not be gone this long again. What can I say, life happens.
Happy day.


Mrs. Taffy said...

Glad your back Anna! I guess all the busyness is making your pregnancy go by past! Amazing!!

Deb said...

Yahoo! I am so glad you guys are on the mend. It's good to have you back.