Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Truly a blessing!

H at Story book Island (June 2009)

This past week our son H (8.5yrs) has decided to take over the laundry duties. He does everything except fold and put away. He gets it all the way to the living room floor and then I take care of it. He is really good at it (even cleans the lint trap after every load). The coolest part (other than, it is not me doing it) is that he enjoys it. He is eager to get it done. If he is gone from the house for a few hours he will go down and check to see if there is a pile to wash. I think it makes it easier that we do not sort our laundry, we just wash it. But even if we did, I am confident that he could do it! Truly a blessing.

On another note, Stellan (and his family) could really use your prayers right now. As could my friend Christy and her son A who is in a medical emergency himself. May God move the people in charge to speed up their tempo and get him out as soon as they can.

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Christy O said...

Thank you! Things are moving and it looks like the kids will be home in two weeks or so. Now we are praying for health for A so he can stay safe until we can get there with medical care.