Wednesday, April 1, 2009

weight restriction~shmate restriction

(in my mind) yeah, but I can just move this little 15 lb baby to her seat... she shouldn't be too heavy...
(my body SCREAMING) YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE THAT!!! (Jeremy re enforcing) "YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE THAT, I will move her, just say so."
So that is what I did all day today. Lay on the couch, sit up on a chair, ice my back, hold sweet extra, care for her on my lap, when I needed her moved I just asked. What an awesome man. I will not lift anything more than a katsup bottle until I am told I can again. I would not like to get yelled at again.
As I sit on the edge of a hard chair (chiro order) the pain in my hip and back are awful so I thought I would listen to the music on my blog and write a quick note.
I used to worry that Jeremy would not be able to handle our household if anything ever happened to me. Well, he has proven me wrong. He is amazing. My house is immaculate. The children's rooms, clean. The laundry, done AND put away. The kitchen, everything done. The kids to their school and activities, ON TIME. The children that stay at home and our sweet extra, taken care of. Me, taken care of. It makes me feel so great knowing that he loves me so much. As my sister told me last night, "Anna you are a lucky woman to have such and amazing husband". I don't believe in luck, but it sounds really great doesn't it. I never thought that being laid off would be thought of as a good thing. But, God knows what needs to happen. I am the reason that he is laid off right now... honestly I can not run the house in the state that I am in. I am no longer vomiting or shaking but I am still extremely sore (even my clothes hurt to touch my back). Enough about me, I will make it!
If you have not checked on Stellan, there are some new posts. He still really needs our prayers.
I just want to add that although I have this awful "injury" I will be okay through some proper care (nope, no pain meds :( just lots of water) and being careful to get better. I will be okay. I have a family and enough friends that I will be non the worse for ware. I appreciate your prayers. I am truly blessed beyond measure.


Tricia said...

Popped over from 4 the Love of Family...Do you think the shaving cream would work on a coffee stain on carpet? My steam cleaner that usually gets out everything let me down? :(


Tricia said...

Oh, and I hope your back is better soon! I had a ruptured disc in my neck once. It was NO fun!! I'll say a prayer for you.