Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Update on my hunter!!

Saturday afternoon Jeremy got a five point buck. As you can see he was a decent size. He hung in the "slaughter house" over night to drain and on Sunday Jeremy took H and W with him to pick it up.
All of the processing was done in the in-laws garage by Jeremy and us (I include myself because I was the photographer! You think I am going to touch that you got another thing coming!) All of the children (yes even L) observed and helped where ever they could.
I love the picture with the legs. They carried them around for quite a while!

They checked out the head a lot. Even opened it's mouth and such. What a great way to learn!

For a little boy that in years past could not even be in the garage with a deer because he would throw up, W sure did a whole lot of work. Here he is proud of the tenderloin!
If you have spoken to me before, you know that we process all of our meat. Here Jeremy and his dad are taking care of it. I have all (26lbs) of it and am working on getting it vacuum sealed and the hamburger ground to be put in the freezer and made into jerky.
The deer below was shot by Nancy... on her 72 birthday! From the same blind that Jeremy got his little guy (which, it isn't little until you see this monster!).
A very generous lady for allowing us to hunt on her land! Thank you and Happy Birthday!


Kari said...

Wow! Good size deer there! All Matt's processed meat fit into a small box. I won't be having "too much" this year.


gbmom2407 said...

I finshed the vacuum sealing this afternoon (my sister lent us her machine...we shall see if it helps with the freezer burn). Gotta wait for the neighbor to get done with the grinder so I can make my burger. (it is his, I suppose I should be paitient!!).

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting to start my hunters safety lessons sadly I can't fire at anything and claim it as mine (sigh)